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Enjoy the spooky spirit.

For SOFAWEEN 2022, I've created my own six (6) prompts, one for each week of October.

Check out the prompts I've created below and stay tuned to see my weekly illustrations.

SOFAWEEN 2022 Prompts

These prompts can serve as inspiration for any medium (illustrations, painting, photography, music, etc.) Join in on the spooky fun by following each prompt per each week in October. Depending on your schedule and your excitement, feel free to do one illustration a week according to that week's prompt or one illustration per day according to the same prompt each day for that week. Have fun, you absolute goblins and ghouls.

In need of some more vicious vibes? Check out my list of SOFAWEEN Must-Watch movies.

Looking for a soft-spooky flick to watch with no fear? Pick a movie off of the MILD list. 

Looking for a little blood and guts but not too much horror? Pick a MEDIUM movie. 

Looking for a film that'll take the wind out of your broom? Pick a HOT movie and watch with caution!


Weekly illustrations will be uploaded as soon as possible. Come back to whenever you can to see new illustrations or stay tuned via my Instagram (@SOFAHOOD) for immediate updates!


Last October, I participated in Mab's Draw-lloween Club. Check out my spooky illustrations from 2021 according to Mab's prompts below.

More Hocus Pocus

as i do every year, i've compiled all of my favorite spooky illustrations into a gallery. see below.