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u can call me sofa

atlanta-based visual artist, SOFAHOOD, has been creating since the age of 4 and has since expanded her illustrations into murals around the city of atlanta. she is a georgia state university graduate with a degree in sociology and a certificate in queer studies. her knowledge of oppressed identity blended with her desire to be an independent artist have allowed her to explore her communities in a unique way through public painting and digital illustration.


as a black and afro-latinx; visibly and loudly queer; chubby fupa-having; passionate leftist; generally hairy yet short-haired; agender yet woman-identifying artist, SOFAHOOD creates to eternalize the complex feelings and ordinary moments of the silenced and the oppressed. this message bursts through in all forms of her expression: cathartic, political work; revived archives; pop culture illustrations; and inclusive murals. through loud colors and even louder subject matters, SOFAHOOD creates a home for the very valid emotions and experiences of the unheard.

"to folks like me, i hope you find a piece of yourself in my art.

-- this is for us."

for more work and sofahood relics, visit

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