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     there is a magic to be felt when a black individual collects an archive, a fullness to be felt when we realize we've been here for so long. we've been black and here for so long.

     as an artist with a special interest in the re-creation of black archives, i spend time with these artifacts for the love of art and the healing of the soul. with the creation of each shape and every line, i feel a deep connection to those who came before me.

     as of late, i've made it a personal mission of mine to collect black archives and celebrate the individuals and moments within them. this celebration 


looks like spending hours studying their features, picking colors that capture their essence, and approaching the photographs with a new sense of gratitude for their existence. work like this heals wounds, both old and new, while also grounding me in a destabilizing thought: black life existed before me and black life will continue to exist after. 

through black archives, black viewers can find a home in our history and our community. similarly, through black viewers, black archives find a home in a literal sense, falling into safe hands until the next time they're celebrated. 

     a few months ago, i came upon a copy of jet magazine's may 1971 issue in a record shop in downtown chicago. the magazine sat in a stack with plastic covering, curled edges, and loose staples. something told me it was mine now. just like that, i took the magazine home with the intention of celebrating the images in the way that i do. 

this collection of images is my celebration of jet magazine's may 1971 issue. 

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